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This site is created for Hurricane-Victims, who lost their houses. We want to help them out, finding a new home, for a week or maybe for a longer time? This site wants to connect victims and people who are willing to help them. We hope many people get connected by us.

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The destruction of only one hurricane can be horrible. Much inhabitants of Towns which were destroyed by an hurricane loose their existence. They have to start over again and start a new life.



In situations like the catastrophy of an hurricane, we can see that many people stay together. They don't know each other , but they help. This is awesome, cause this is how we all should be to everytime. A hurricane can open the eyes from many of us.


Our priority!

We set as our priority to help everyone who needs help. We want to convince people that helping others will help themselves, too. If you got problems you also want help, so why not helping others? It will not kill you.



Reconstruction is a matter, of more than one person. If there are many helpers, reconstruction won't be that problematic as it seems for someone who lost his house and stays alone. Stick together and it can be done!

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